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What We do to Ensure Our Quality

Our Developer's Ecosystem

Candidate Pre-Screening

Screening candidates can sometimes be a lot of work, especially if you are looking for a specific set of criteria and skillset. In Lumoshive, our candidates have gone through numerous screening from interviews, to personality tests, to technical coding tests. We believe that our screening process leaves us with the best of the bests of candidates.

Resource Mentorship

In Lumoshive, we have a golden ratio of 1:3. This golden ratio represents our chain mentorship program where 1 senior member of our community mentors 3 of the intermediate ones, and so on. We believe that through mentorship the coding process can be shared with one another as valuable experiences.

Bootcamp Program

After our candidates sift through our screening process, the candidates that are hired go through a special bootcamp program that reshapes and molds their coding behavior, and in return results in a great understanding of coding policy and techniques.

Resource Extensive Training

All of our developers have high dedication to software development, and with that they spend an hour or two per day learning new materials that could result in the increase of their knowledge and making them a better developer. In Lumoshive we provide these trainings and certification to our resources for free as a reward for their commitment.

What We Offer

We’ve spent over a decade perfecting the distributed tech team, and now we're bringing truly scalable distributed software development teams to companies around the world.

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Benefits Sourcing from Us
Direct Benefits
  • Time flexibility
  • Consulted For Best Practices
  • Easy Requirement Switching
  • Flexibility In Managing Manpower
  • More Detailed Reports
  • More Productive Staff
  • More Specialized Resources
  • Reduce Overheard Cos
  • Indirect Benefits
  • Ability To Focus On Core Business Process
  • Easier Budgeting
  • Faster Response Time
  • Unbiased IT Solution
  • Reduce Cost On Device Investments
  • Happier Staff
  • Reduce Commitment To Long-Term Resources
  • Oppurtunity to Innovate And Deviate From Outdated Practices

    Bambang Muliana

    Chief Executive Officer
    "Lumoshive is not like a company, it is more like a developer's lounge. It houses developers and provides them tools to learn and improve one another."

    Nurmaya Azizah

    Office Manager
    "I have worked at a lot of places before, but Lumoshive is in a whole new level. The management team are very friendly, the developers are very dedicated. I am glad to be a part of the management team here. Hopefully Lumoshive will keep on growing, and be the established ecosystem for developers here in Indonesia."

    Julianto Tjan

    Chief Technical Officer
    "Lumoshive is like my second home. The structure of how Lumoshive operates makes me have a freedom of time, and a freedom of space. I am proud to be a part of Lumoshive and I hope I can contribute enough to make Lumoshive grow."

    Fadli Febriansyah

    Junior Developer
    Senior Developer Fadli Febriansyah "As a young, energetic, and curious person, I am very happy to have come across Lumoshive. Working in Lumoshive not only saves me a lot of time, but their training and mentorship program is unbelievable. The senior developers are very friendly, and as a part of this same community, we share a lot of our ups and downs, helping one another in times of need."

    Hekky Nurhikmat

    Senior Developer
    "My decision to join Lumoshive paid off. I have a family, and working at Lumoshive enables me to spend more time with them. Now, I can work to support my family, and be with them at all time."

    Setia Budi

    Junior Programer
    "Lumoshive tempat dimana untuk mengembangkan diri dan terjun langsung dalam project, banyak pengalaman yg menarik disana, dari mulai jam kerja yg flexibel, learning newest tech dan bisa banyak belajar dari para senior IT yang berkompeten, jangan ragu untuk bergabung di lumoshive"